Court Them on Courtem!

The newest, QUICKEST, and most fun way to meet people in your area.  We give a modern and gaming twist to the lost art of courtship.  Chivalry is not dead.  Connect instantly and have the best date of your life on Courtem!

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Courtem In Action

-Our users can connect IMMEDIATELY using our Direct Date Proposal System: no more waiting to match.
-No more endless swiping and chats that lead nowhere.
-Women are in control of the date from start to finish.
-We eliminate the exclusive looks-based, "hot or not" approach of other dating apps.
-Our branding reaffirms that we are NOT a hook-up app.
-No more lengthy forms, applications or Q&A's that other apps and web based dating services require.
-No more creepers: we have a user rating system!
-We eliminate the feeling of rejection / awkwardness of getting turned down.

Importance of the Direct Date Proposal

In 140 characters or less, you can submit a date proposal (propose the date's day / time) to another user.

Gives user transparency (did he or she take the time to review my interest? Are they chivalrous? etc.)

Acts as a icebreaker (if your date proposal is accepted, you immediately have something to talk about of mutual interest - your upcoming date!)

Eliminates the off-handed, "hi" or "hey what's up?" message. As the date proposal is a bonafide jump-off point to start courting.

Initiates the possibility of an immediate connection.