About Us

Founded in Dallas, TX – Courtem, a mobile dating app, offers its users the ability to instantly propose unique date offers to one another.  Courtem is unlike any other dating application or web-based service as it brings the lost art of “courtship” back to the 21st century.  Once a date is proposed, the recipient has the following options:

  • Accept the date
  • Reject the date
  • Opt to chat (get to know the person further) up to the day / time of the date.  Note – the user can cancel the date at any time up to commencement.
  • Opt to bring a friend along – using our unique Wingman / Wingwoman Feature.  Our app gives comfort if you’re still unsure about meeting someone.  Simply opt to bring one of your friends along and create a potential double-date scenario.

After the date is accepted and completed, the two individuals are then asked to rate one another with ratings being visible to the entire user base.  Courtem will revolutionize the on-line dating industry as we know it today by giving singles a 360-degree dating application which handles the dating process from start to finish, all through its proprietary software.

Singles join Courtem to see, “what someone might offer them as the best date of their life.”  Courtem goes beyond simply the shallow (at first glance) interactions of other dating apps.  We urge our users to thoroughly review another’s profile, interests, friends-in-common, proximity, and rating to help them develop their best date proposal.  As always, Chivalry is the best policy.  Hence, the name Courtem.  We ask that you, “Court them on Courtem!”