How much does Courtem cost to download?
NOTHING! So download away – what’s the worst that could happen, you have the best date of your life!?

Will everyone be able to see the Direct Date Proposals sent to me / I send to others?
No. The date proposal is only seen by the person it is sent to.

Is the user notified if I reject a date proposal?
No. The user is never notified that their date proposal was rejected for whatever reason (i.e. maybe the time of the date didn’t work). 

Why do I need a Facebook account to use Courtem?
We never post anything on your Facebook account.  We use Facebook to verify that you’re an actual user and to draw pictures for your Courtem profile.

Will you ever sell my information?
No, we hate spam and cold calls just as much as you do, so it’ll stay safe and sound with us! We will never distribute or sell any of the information you give us.

What version of my iPhone’s operating system is needed to download Courtem?
Courtem requires that your iPhone have at least iOS 7.

Can I download Courtem to my Android phone?
Courtem is currently only available on the iPhone, but Android compatibility is in the works so check back soon!

How does the Wingman/woman feature work?
We understand that dates, especially the first, can be somewhat intimidating – so we created a way for you to bring along a friend. Simply accept the date, opt to bring a wingman/woman and then choose the person that’ll help make it the best date ever!

I’m a blogger and want to get in touch with Courtem for an interview, what should I do?
For all media related requests, please email: media@courtem.com.